When the River Meets the Sea

December 22, 2011

I’ve just finished revisions on my novel and my thoughts are very focused on the magic that brings themes together, the essence of the human story, actually. We’re all in this together, connected, eternally changing and learning and growing, and still ever the same. There is wonder in being part of something larger than ourselves, and comfort in the cycle of all living things.

Christmas decorations are up and I’ve been baking up a storm. But today I put on my favorite Christmas album to find a little peace in the middle of all the activity. It’s nearly seventy degrees outside in north Georgia, and a murky morning, but I’m drinking my coffee and feeling tucked in a warm cocoon in the soft glow of my Christmas lights.

It’s corny, I know. But that’s why I love it. So I’m sharing a song with you today and I hope you’ll take a minute to listen and ponder the words and what they mean in your own lives. Because I find that after all my hard work and hours of searching, it turns out maybe the Muppets knew what the season — and the story — were about, all along.

Merry Christmas.

When The River Meets the Sea


8 Responses to “When the River Meets the Sea”

  1. what a beautiful and lovely post – *smiling warmly* now I’ll go listen to the music.

  2. Oh, Kimberly … this is just what I needed to hear today. The song is magical (so, so long since I’ve heard ANY John Denver). Obviously the song speaks to my nature-loving sensibilities, but you also bring up such a good point about the confluence of ideas, the magic that IS writing. So happy your edits went well and cannot wait to see The River Witch in my own happy hands. Merry Christmas.

    • Don’t you find that song touching? Every year, I look forward to listening to the simple wisdom in those lyrics. It really goes a long way in centering my thoughts in the holiday rush. It’s a prayer, I think. And a promise. A good way to approach Christmas and the New Year. XOXO

  3. Karen Babb said

    I think that John and the Muppets would feel very good that their message continues to be shared. Always brought peace to my heart!!!
    Love you to the moon and back,

  4. erikamarks said

    I am FINALLY getting to savor this post and the song–how did you know? There aren’t words for how much I adore John Denver and this album with the Muppets always puts me right. There is so much to think on, so much to consider and be grateful for.

    I know your heart is so heavy today, my dear. I send hugs and love your way.

  5. Congratulations on completing your revisions, Kim, and just in time for the holidays, too! I hope you had some time to rest and recuperate; can’t wait to read your novel!

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