So Long Little Blog – Hello Shiny New Website

February 16, 2012

It’s been weeks since you’ve heard a peep out of me. The holidays brought lot of drama to my house, from concussions to allergic reactions to the death of a beloved family pet that really almost did us all in.

But the New Year is bringing exciting and challenging new journeys for me. I’m hard at work on my next novel and…With the launch for THE RIVER WITCH coming up soon, I’ve been lucky to find so much support within the writing community, had many generous offers of advice for promotions, reviews, all the ways a girl has to reach out through social media and to traditional media (something I’m still working up my nerve to tackle) and basically keeping me from losing my mind as I’ve been busy building a new website.

So this post is first, to say thanks. Because as isolating as the writing life can be, I’m finding that some of the friendships I’ve found in the last year are among the most cherished of my life. And I figure this way, when I crack up on you guys in a few months, you’ll forgive me and take pity and send me good things to eat.

And then, I wanted to announce that there’s a new website! You can find me, all things to do with my writing and my blog, at!

I hope you’ll all visit the new website where this blog’s posts have all been transferred and reconnect with me there! Be patient, as the graphics will be changing while I work on getting things just right. It’s all still a little clunky, but I just couldn’t wait to share with you. And if you have the time, I’ve posted a couple of chapters from THE RIVER WITCH underneath BOOKS. Take a peek!




5 Responses to “So Long Little Blog – Hello Shiny New Website”

  1. Love the new website, Kim. You’ve got so much on your plate, but it’s so, so exciting. Go get ’em, girl… and no cracking up (though I make some mean prickly pear jelly). Ha ha.

  2. Gorgeous! I love it. And, yes, of course we will send a casserole when you crack–that’s the southern way, isn’t it?

  3. ohhh, pretty! I like it! – where can we sign up to follow or to receive posts in our email?

  4. never mind, I see it below!

  5. So exactly where do I go to get a galley? Congrads!!! So excited for you.

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